About Us

Motofac Special Vehicles LLC, founded and promoted by industry stalwarts, forayed into GCC operations with its state of the art manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaima emirate of UAE. Motofac brand boasts of more than a decade of armoring experience coupled with technological innovation and excellence so as to become one of the region’s most trusted manufacturer of armored vehicles or specialty customization requirements. We have a comprehensive range of vehicles catering to all kinds of security needs, a product range that covers armored SUV’s, armored light vehicles, armored pickups, armored buses and vans, armored cash in transit vehicles, armored specialty vehicles and regular vehicles.

Motofac provides ultimate and unmatched solutions for varying specialty automobile requirements of our esteemed clientele. We are highly specialized in the supply of armored vehicles to various parts of the globe for civilian, corporate, cash transport and military requirements. We are also the leading exporters of brand new regular vehicles including sedans, SUV`s, pickups, passenger carriers, vans etc.

Motofac’s legacy of expertise and innovation extends beyond armored vehicle retrofitting to customized vehicle conversions, specialty vehicle requirements like Mobile Offices, Presidential Limousines, Wheel chair Accessed Vehicles (WAV), Cash transport Vehicles, Ambulances and more.


Motofac strives towards becoming the most trusted end to end specialty automobile solutions provider.


Motofac`s pathway to our destination, of being the ultimate armored & specialty automobile solutions provider, is laid through core competence in armored vehicles manufacturing coupled with its committed corporate philosophy. It clearly underlines the need and importance of Safety, Uniqueness, Novelty, Research, Innovation, Social responsibility and Employee satisfaction


SUNRISE in Motofac- Our core values..


Motofac manufactures wide range of armored vehicles using certified and approved materials that are perfect to protect our esteemed clients. We take pride and ownership in every activity of the armored vehicles production cycle, right from the sourcing of the base vehicle, internationally certified armoring components, and the whole manufacturing process as per standards formulated by European Committee of Standardisation (CEN1063) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The ultimate objective of team Motofac is to safeguard lives, the most valued posession ever gauged.


We are super confident on our innovative technology and the Motofac team, by effectively using their skills and expertise, produce armored vehicles that are a class apart compared to the competition in terms of quality, design and lead time.


Every armored vehicle, especially the civilian models, that gets rolled out of the Motofac manufacturing facility boasts of superior craftsmanship making it highly discrete with original OEM appearance. We believe in being new and original in what ever we do whether it is armored vehicles retrofitting or specialty vehicle customisation requirements.


Motofac believes in constant updation of its technologies, our research and development team constituted by the top industry talents do a strillion job in terms of design and quality control. We are committed to explore, think, and execute 360 degree passenger safety.


Creativity is an essential pillar of our concept of innovation at Motofac armored vehicles manufacturing, derived as a sum of creativity and successful implementation.


Motofac builds quality armored vehicles relying on the most eco friendly technology or processes, with a commitment towards the environment and society thereby making this world a better place to live. We are adamant that our technological advances should symbiotically benefit all living beings on this planet.


All the technological innovations and expertise available within the organization gets fully realized only when the real assets, the employees, are totally satisfied and rise to their full potential. We at Motofac ensures each team member is motivated to the core thereby our esteemed clientele is highly benefitted while being perfectly protected inside our brand of armored and specialty vehicles.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle