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Toyota - Land Cruiser 200

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Toyota - Land Cruiser 200

The apparatus, which has given offroaders the kosher impudence to tackle whatever situations, that come in their course. It has been The Immortal Symbol for innumerable years as expertly as being the key for embellishing SUV from light military vehicles. Land Cruiser is our preponderance vehicle due to its adequacy for both on-road and off-road affairs. Our armored land cruisers are exceptionally convenient even in militaristic environments

The 2018 model offers something entirely novel in style, comfort and performance. The brand-new model is completely techy. Toyota made these changes to allure new-generation who wants to live in sovereignty without boundaries. Recently developed eight-speed automatic transmission gives superior acceleration, a contrast to 2016 model. Siri Eyes Free technology assists drivers to have an outstanding drive on account of amiable navigation and affable voice over controls. Dual-screen rear-seat video entertainment system is a first-class entertainment feature. There is even a Qi wireless phone charger available upon request.

With all the posh looks and tech-savvy features, the 2018 model is still a Land Cruiser. The adequate ground clearance proffers sumptuous aplomb when offroading and the long-travel suspension is capable of triumph over practically any terrains. The tech literally impels adventures easier by giving the driver only to concentrate on handling, and the rest will be taken care by the new computer automated crawl system. Even the inexperienced off-roaders can show beyond doubt that they are the off-road Kings.

Customers can fancy vehicles from our stock or provide vehicles for armoring. Our customers can prefer from RHD or LHD and 4x4 or 4x2 options. We have delivered moreover thousand of armored Land Cruisers worldwide. Nevertheless, each product strengthened our portfolio owing to the absolute craftsmanship of our technicians furnished. We take special care of Land Cruiser Vehicles. We even have a separate division of qualified engineers who work only on Toyota Land Cruisers. You simply trust us and we will present you the finest armoring solution available to TLCs

Motoac's Firewall is armored using just three large pieces of overlapped ballistic material to minimize the welding points to form a significantly stronger armored firewall with no gaps, unlike most of the manufacturers who use numerous ballistic steel plates to build the firewall. Increasing the number of joints weakens the integrity of the firewall and reduces vehicle survivability against explosives or IED attacks. We Upgrade the suspension and brake systems according to the added weight of the armor so that the vehicle can maintain the stock attributes as much as possible.

We can armor TLC in one of the standard levels we mentioned in our Armouring Level Section (ie, Level 4 - Level 7). Please note that we are capable of providing armoring solution according to client interest. Such as armoring land cruiser to BR7 (S) / (NS) or BR6 (S) / (NS) (in accordance with the European Standard EN 1063:1999). Fully customized car armoring is available too. Example: If the customer wants different levels thickness to the roof or to the bottom, we can deliver that too. The customer has the full control of the armoring process of their vehicle. If the Customer requests more, we can deliver the Flawless Armored Land Cruiser, that can be highly beneficial for VIPs such as Presidents or High Political Figures. Note that, Assignment completion time and price vary according to the armoring protection level chosen by the customer.

We recommend Armoring Toyota LandCruiser to European Standard EN 1063:1999 BR6. We provide armoring solutions in the levels of B4, B5, B6 or even B7 (European Standard EN 1063:1999) too. Please note that we offer complete customization of the armoring process, thus giving the customer the freedom to decide on every aspect of the armoring process such as the thickness of the ballistic materials like the bulletproof glass etc. Furthermore, We offer additional modifications such as changing the stock color or fitting an extra equipment for auxiliary support etc.

Special Note: Got 2017 Model Land Cruisers! Don't Worry, We provide armoring solutions for it too. In fact, We offer armoring solutions for any Model/Year Toyota Land Cruisers.

Key Specifications

Model Year: 2016
Engine: 4.0L - 5.7L V6 / V8 DOHC, Dual VVT-I
Output: 271 hp
Transmission: Automatic (5 / 6 / 8 - speed)
Drivetrain: Full-Time 4x4
Seating Capacity: 8

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